Someone Loves You

“Whether you’re gay, straight, purple, orange, dinosaur; I don’t care.” -Darren Criss

I tend to try to keep my opinions to myself on sensitive matters, especially online because I feel like you’re just opening yourself up to abuse and it’s not professional, that people may not wish to do business with you because of it. But after the events of this week, and these writings landing in my lap, I realize I have been a coward. At the very least, just this once, I need to speak in case there is someone out there my voice can reach. And if you happen to click on this, I ask you to please at least read this to the end, and click on the other articles I list. You might disagree, you might be outraged, but you also might learn something.

Anyone who knows me beyond my name and face knows who my friends are. I have the absolute best friends in the world, and a lot of the people closest to me happen to be gay. It’s never made a bit of difference to me. Most of them I knew before they came out and they were great friends then, they’re great friends now. And earlier this week I had the conversation I had been so desperately seeking to avoid with someone else I care about a great deal that left me hurt and upset over this issue, and I just wanted to put it behind me and forget we ever argued. But today, my class was discussing this same issue and my teacher showed us an article and its rebuttal that brought me to tears. I feel this cannot be a coincidence, and that right now I need to speak out for those who can’t because of fear, because of hate, and because of ignorance. I am probably opening myself to a lot of backlash, but right now I don’t care. This is too important.

I’m A Christian Unless You’re Gay A blog that is not about religion, or homosexuality, but love and acceptance.

A Teen’s Brave Response A mom’s eye-opening response to the above blog, and an incredible story. Ma’am, whoever you are, I applaud you.

What I am writing tonight however, is about acceptance, and about all of these things.

Being gay is not a choice. Lady Gaga, as much as I hate to quote her, said it best, “Baby, you were born this way.” When people say that being gay is a choice, I honestly wonder if they have thought through what they are saying. Why would someone choose a life style that is harder, more dangerous, and post an open invitation to the world for them to be hated and abused? Why would anyone choose to be ridiculed, judged and insulted? To risk having their family, friends and neighbors reject them? To ask them to change is the same as asking you to stop being who you are.

We in Tennessee have someone trying to push a bill that would outlaw the use of the word “gay” in public schools, preventing anyone with questions from seeking help or even being educated on the matters at hand. No, much better that these teens brood in silence and misery, wishing they were dead, that they might take their own lives rather than force their homosexuality upon us.

When I was sixteen, the first of my friends came out, after telling my mother, I asked what her reaction would be if she got similar news from me. “I wouldn’t want that for you because it’s a hard life, but I’d love you all the same.” The mom in the article had her son hiding in the closet because he was afraid of how she might react, that that hate might turn upon him. For those of you who condemn this “life style”, I now ask you: what would your reaction be? If it was your class mate, your neighbor, your friend, your son? Would you turn your backs on them? Ignore everything that had ever been even though nothing has changed? Because they were always gay, you just didn’t know it yet. They’re the same person, and they would love you just the same.

The world needs to change. We can’t keep going down this path of fear and hatred of those who are different. Whether they are gay, straight, Christian, Muslim, black, white, rich or poor. I have sat in silence too long, and not stood up for those who might a helping hand. To those of you are afraid, know that someone loves you. It doesn’t matter who or what you are. Someone loves you. To those of you who are outraged by what I say, it’s okay.

Someone loves you, too.


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