Decisions, Decisions

I haven’t been writing much lately because I haven’t had time. Yay finals. And I should be working on the Avengers right now but something interesting has come up and I need input. People say when one door closes, another one opens. The only problem I’m having is which door am I supposed to take?

I have been teaching Zumba(R) on Monday and Wednesday nights since November. I added Tuesdays in March. Last week was the first Wednesday I have had off since December so I went swing dancing. And had to tell several people I couldn’t come back because of Zumba(R), and I had to tell other people this weekend I can’t play in the Ultimate League this summer for the same reason. And then tonight my boss told me I’m not teaching on Wednesdays anymore. So it looks like I’m open on Wednesdays now. I just can’t figure out what to do with it. My options are:

  • Go to swing dancing on a regular basis so I can get good at it. Pros: I would like to be good at it. Cons: I am easily frustrated and it seems to be the one time I’m shy.
  • Join the ultimate frisbee summer league. Pros: I like frisbee more than just about anything. Cons: I don’t like all the rules and regulation.
  • Try to get another Zumba(R) class. Pros: More money. Cons: I love the idea of going back to teaching two nights a week.
  • Put it down as availability at Battlefield Knoxville. Pros: Might help me get the job. Cons: I might not get the job anyway, and I like the idea of having a night off.
  • Actually have a night off a week to do stuff. Pros: I suppose with this answer I could go to swing sometimes, and go watch the games. Cons: I can’t play if I do this, and I probably wouldn’t get much better at swing.

Advice and input anyone?


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