MLIA: Two Years

I have been driving a flying bison for two years now. And every moment of it has been completely awesome. Two years of people telling me my car is awesome, telling me they love my car, telling me I’m awesome for driving my car, and occasionally just telling me I’m crazy. Appa is my baby, and I’m so proud to be able to say that. Two years of saying “Yip yip!” when I turn the key, two years of trying to explain it to people who just don’t get it, two years of hearing “I know where you live” more often than is comfortable and getting plenty of text messages about bison sightings. The nerd group at school just calls me Appa Girl.

When I say “My Life is Avatar”, I mean it. Not only do I own the world’s only flying bison, but two penguins sleds, a lemur and my fire ferrets should be completed this week. The web series should be out sometime this fall with any luck and I have some other things up my sleeve. But what I want to say is THANK YOU to everyone who has supported me, Appa, Team Avatar and all our other craziness. As much as I love owning this car, it wouldn’t be nearly as much fun if I didn’t know there are thousands of other Avatards out there who get it, and love Appa as much as I do.


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