Dog People and Cat People

I have a very interesting way of looking at people. Or at least I think it is. In my world, there are two kinds of people: Dog People and Cat People. One of the first questions I ask someone I’m trying to get to know is if they’re a dog person or a cat person. And I’ve had several arguments with people about which category they fall under. It has nothing to do with which one you’d rather have for a pet, but your personality.

But today while I was bored in class I started thinking, I can tell you if a person would be a dog or a cat but I’ve never thought about what kind of dog or cat. And there are some major differences. So I started thinking about what my friends would be and made a list, but I took out all their names. If you wanna guess, you can message me. I’m hidden somewhere in there too but if you know me well, you’ll already know what I consider to be my canine counterpart.

  • ______ would be a very energetic, always sticking their nose into everything mixed breed. One of those that you just have to call by name or something random because there is no way to tell exactly what kind of dog it is. That likes having their belly rubbed.
  • _____ is a cat person, through and through. I feel like they would be a big gray short haired tom cat. I don’t know why I think that but it seems to suit them. They come and go as they please, and pretty much just do what they want.
  • _______ is an adult golden retriever. I say that partially because they have said this to me and I agree with them, even though I feel like they stole my thing. Very high energy until they wears himself out, wants to be outside all day and likes to chase things. Extremely over protective.
  • _______ is a big fluffy golden Persian Cat. Very fluffy, well groomed, and runs over the tops of everything. Their claws are retractable but they know how to use them when they need to.
  • ______ is a gray tabby cat that likes to mother the other younger kitties. They likes to play on occasion, but normally reserved, watching with their tail swishing back and forth.
  • ______ is a golden retriever puppy. Hyperactive and into everything all at once, wants to play all day until they wears out. Then they flop over in the corner and don’t move until they find their energy again.
  • _______ is a skinny orange tabby. Prone to racing around the house, climbing random things and knocking stuff over with their tail. They tend to leave things scattered all over the place.
  • ______ is a blue heeler. Hyper, bouncy, excitable, protective and quick to jump into things. Chews a lot of stuff up. Athletic, loves to run and jump. Likes to chase things.
  • _______ is a Pomeranian. Small in stature but very big in personality. The center of attention and absolutely fabulous.
  • _____’s dog is the perfect match for them. A happy German Shepard despite all the roadblocks life throws up. Their attitude can’t be beat.
  • _______ is hard for me to define. Very hard. I feel like they are a medium size dog, very athletic, kind, loyal and loving. But they can be aloof and has very high standards.

Cold Nose, Warm Heart

This is for Cha-Cha and for Chew Toy, for Scooter and for Brittany, for Alex and for Tail, for Romeo and Bam Bam, for Skye and Gator, for Clyde and Comet, for Cricket and Cherokee, for Phoebe and Annie, for Aria and Koda, for Ebony and Bo, for Baby and for Bosco, and all the other wonderful animals out there that have touched our hearts.

They’re always there to greet you, always happy to see you. A wagging tail, a cold nose, and a warm heart. Our best friends, our companions, our partners.

This will be the first Christmas without Cha-Cha, without Chew Toy, and with Comet. My heart breaks when I think about them, and when I hear about other people who have lost pets of their own. A friend told me about how he lost his dog not too long ago, it’s the only time I’ve ever heard his voice break, and the only time he’s ever gotten me to cry. There’s that emptiness in our hearts where they used to be. It grows a little smaller with time, but it never goes away. Not completely. And our eyes start to tear up when we think how they won’t be there to greet us when we come home.

But can you ever think of a time your dog wanted you to be sad? Did your cat ever jump in your lap to be petted because it wanted you to feel alone? No, they wanted you to be happy, to know they loved you with everything they had, and to be with you always. Unfortunately, it can’t be that way. It seems so unfair humans must outlive those who love them the most, that there will always come the day we must say good-bye. I talk to so many people who are terrified of that day, and I don’t blame them in the least. I know it’s coming, and I dread it with every fiber of my being. But we can’t worry about the inevitable. They don’t, and we shouldn’t either. Instead, cherish every moment you have with them. Take the time out of your day to play with them, and make sure they know they’re as special to you as you are to them.

Just because we have Comet now, doesn’t mean I love Cha-Cha any less. Just because you bring a new animal home doesn’t mean you’re replacing the one you lost. Because you can’t replace them. But they wouldn’t want you to be alone. So it’s okay, find the animal that needs you and bring them home. I promise your heart has room for them both.

This Christmas, it’s okay to miss those who are gone. It’s impossible not to. But don’t dwell on it. Your furry friend wouldn’t want that. They aren’t there to lick away your tears anymore, so save those for the day you have someone there who can. You’ll always love them, they’ll always love you. You’ll always miss them, but it’s okay. They’ll always be with you. Hold on to the good memories, and try to forget the day they destroyed the new sofa. Don’t mourn their deaths, celebrate their lives. They may not be with us anymore, but they’re always in our hearts.