Decisions, Decisions

I haven’t been writing much lately because I haven’t had time. Yay finals. And I should be working on the Avengers right now but something interesting has come up and I need input. People say when one door closes, another one opens. The only problem I’m having is which door am I supposed to take?

I have been teaching Zumba(R) on Monday and Wednesday nights since November. I added Tuesdays in March. Last week was the first Wednesday I have had off since December so I went swing dancing. And had to tell several people I couldn’t come back because of Zumba(R), and I had to tell other people this weekend I can’t play in the Ultimate League this summer for the same reason. And then tonight my boss told me I’m not teaching on Wednesdays anymore. So it looks like I’m open on Wednesdays now. I just can’t figure out what to do with it. My options are:

  • Go to swing dancing on a regular basis so I can get good at it. Pros: I would like to be good at it. Cons: I am easily frustrated and it seems to be the one time I’m shy.
  • Join the ultimate frisbee summer league. Pros: I like frisbee more than just about anything. Cons: I don’t like all the rules and regulation.
  • Try to get another Zumba(R) class. Pros: More money. Cons: I love the idea of going back to teaching two nights a week.
  • Put it down as availability at Battlefield Knoxville. Pros: Might help me get the job. Cons: I might not get the job anyway, and I like the idea of having a night off.
  • Actually have a night off a week to do stuff. Pros: I suppose with this answer I could go to swing sometimes, and go watch the games. Cons: I can’t play if I do this, and I probably wouldn’t get much better at swing.

Advice and input anyone?


Things I Might Have Missed

Today marks six years since the accident that flipped my world upside down, and I have to wonder who I might have been had it not happened. Back then, all I was was an athlete. Soccer was the only thing I really cared about. But then all of a sudden I couldn’t play any more and I was devastated, confused and spent a lot of time hating how unfair life was.

But I’m not a teenager anymore, and I see all the good things that came out of it. That accident changed my life permanently, and while I may not know what would have happened if I never hit that hurdle, there’s a lot of things I doubt would have happened if I hadn’t.

If I had kept doing sports after school, I would have been riding the bus less and while we already knew each other when the accident happened, Robby became my best friend and later brother because of that bus. And I don’t want to imagine what my life would be like without him.

I never would have played Ultimate Frisbee with the guys at Karns, so I never would have started the Pellissippi Ultimate Frisbee Club. Without the club, I never would have met Haden, Chris, Krissy, Spencer or so many other people. Without meeting Haden, I never would have gone to West Park and I wouldn’t know Joseph and Jacob. I wouldn’t have Krissy supporting me in all my crazy endeavors. And if I’m not a better frisbee player than I was a soccer player, I’m pretty darn close. And on the frisbee field, I get a lot more respect… most of the time.

Without the accident, I would have had the second surgery which is pretty much what led to me making friends in college. It was how I met Daniel, Nate, and Rory, and how we then started “I’d Like to Buy a Vowel Productions”. I know I wanted to enter that festival anyway, but I doubt I would have had the same team, and I doubt that team would have carried on into “A Hard Sell” and “The Fudler Institute”.

I’m sure I would have at least tried to make the Appamobile regardless, but knowing Daniel and having his help sure made the process a whole lot easier.

The only reason I got a RUSH membership in the first place was for physical therapy, and so when Robby and I wanted to join a gym, I knew that was where we should go. And if we hadn’t been working out there that summer before college, I never would have checked the group class schedule to see Zumba®/Hip Hop listed. I was trying to take the Hip Hop class and showed up on the wrong night, but that was okay, because I loved it. And I took hip hop with Jhasta and I decided I had to keep going back. Then they stopped offering hip hop and it was Zumba® every week with Jhasta, and I was hooked. Then I got mom hooked too, and we kept taking classes. Then at school last year, I walked in on a demonstration and wound up teaching. The instructor asked me if I was an instructor and she told me I should be, and then Jhasta said the same thing a few months later. And here I am, teaching five classes a week.

Honestly, the only things I really feel like I missed out on are the things I still can’t do: hiking, bowling and putt putt. I think I can live without those just fine.

Things Are Looking Clean!(er)

This has been a very good weekend with the exception of just how much my knee currently hurts. I got taken into the ground at ultimate today and I didn’t take the hit quite as well as I would have liked. The price of being out of action for a month. Oh, and I had Robby tell me if I couldn’t figure out a particular thing, I was denser than he was. Love you too, big brother.

Besides winning the 54 Film Fest (AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!), I made a lot of progress on my room in trying to get it ready. Well, sort of. There’s more stuff on the floor now than usual, and usually there’s a lot. But once I get some boxes to pack it all up, it should be good. Right now I’ve got piles of things to give away and bags of stuffed animals to go in the attic until the painting’s done. If I can get the bed I want, this room is going to be AMAZING. If not, well I can settle for my second choice. I just need to find a chest of drawers then… or something of that nature. As of right now: there are no more posters up, 99% of my Breyer collection has been moved downstairs (I forgot one), and there is a box of comic books in the hallway I can’t seem to lift. I took the shelves down and as soon as I find a power screw driver, the screws that hold all the hooks and such will be gone too. I found a cheaper trash can that still matched perfectly at Walmart Friday night, and I’ve got a few other odds and ends I’ve picked up that should look fantastic. Now the only problem is I have a lot of stuff piled on my bed and I can’t decide if it’s worth sleeping there or not.

Updated pictures:

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I’m Sexy and I Know It!

I was going to write about the New Year’s weekend adventure, but it’s long and not all of it makes a whole lot of sense. So these are snap shots, so to speak, of what the boys and I got into up at the water park.

The cast of characters: Robby, my older brother, crazy but loveable, makes me look normal. Tyler, Robby’s roommate, a very awesome friend, flair for the dramatic. Chris, friend of mine and Robby’s, frisbee player, tolerates our insanity very well. Haden, one of my best friends, youngest but doesn’t act it, goes with the flow. And me, the crazy and adorable girl in the group. What can I say? And I spent the whole weekend hearing them sing, over and over again, “Girl look at that body, girl look at that body, girl look at that body, I work out!”

Once we finally got all our stuff into the hotel room, we changed and headed down to the Water Park. It was insane. Very small space but they packed a lot of awesome stuff into it. We headed straight into the wave pool, and promptly began flipping each other over in the inner tubes, splashing and generally trying to drown each other. I saw one of the life guards just laugh and shake his head.

We headed over to the tube slides where you could go down by yourself or in a double tube. Me and Haden doubled up while the others went solo, which was fine with me, partially since it meant I didn’t have to carry a tube! While waiting in line, Haden looks at me and says “You do realize you left your earrings in, right?” “Yeah, they match the swim suit!” He just started laughing.

We moved over to the big family ride, only to have some little girls fuss at us for taking up the whole staircase. Apparently the stairs are divided for two slides, we just didn’t know that. So we decided to go on the orange one, which was a four seater, and there were five of us. We split up; Haden, Tyler and I went first. This slide, called The Storm Chaser, is about one of the most wicked things I’ve ever been on in my life. Somehow I wound up going backwards but I kept looking over my shoulder to see where I was going. Suddenly I see what looks like the end of the slide just disappearing in a vertical drop. “OH SNAP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” as we suddenly plunged into the giant barrel you can see from the road. We skidded around sideways and I nearly flew out from one of the bumps, Haden nearly did the same. We reached the splash down laughing, with Haden saying “I am not going on that thing again!” Robby and Chris came down, Chris complaining about going backwards and laughing. So we switched to try the five seater and rode down it together, which created a massive splash at the end in which all I saw was water and hair. I just about fell getting out and Chris had to pull me up, there is no graceful way to exit those things.

Skip a little while, and we went to check out the hot tub, which was amazing except for the fact that then everything else is cold. We tried to get back in the wave pool but it was freezing and Chris refused to get in. So Haden and I tried to drag him with no luck, and then ended up in another splash battle with Robby and Tyler. We lasted a round of waves and decided it was probably time for dinner, I hopped in a tube and took the Haden express in, letting him pull me to back to dry land.

We went back to the room to change and Robby announces he managed to lock us out of the safe for fifteen minutes. No phone, no wallet. I rolled my eyes and got my clothes out to change. Haden was in the bathroom so I look around and tell Chris to come over by the door since Tyler and Robby were already there. “Why?” “Because I’m going to go change over there.” “Fine…” So he moves and I go behind the wall that divides the room to change. Then all of a sudden, I hear Chris say, “Hey, wait, the bathroom’s open… Haden, STOP!” Stopped him just in time from walking in on me.

We got back from dinner and the guys were watching something on YouTube so we hung around in the room for a bit, letting our food settle, before we headed down to the water park again. We managed to get down the five seater, land in a huge splash and get soaked, before they announced they were closing the park for an hour to decorate for New Year’s. So we headed back to the room to play Apples to Apples until we could go back down.

Haden, Tyler, Robby and I all finally managed to get in trouble with the life guards at the wave pool and then we headed over to the Bucket. “BUCKET!” to quote Robby. It was the big kids’ play area, it had this big bucket on top that dumped 750 gallons of water every few minutes. We went there to wait on it to dump, and the DJ was playing some dance song we all knew, so we started our mini rave, again to quote Robby. Tyler and I started ballroom dancing, spinning back and forth with parents staring at us oddly. Then it started to tip and we all froze underneath, yelling as it fell on us. We dashed for a slide, went back to the wave pool until almost midnight, getting out right apparently as they closed the wave pool down because some kid threw up. We met up with Chris, who had changed back into jeans at this point, and headed for the hot tub.

It’s a huge hot tub with all these different little alcoves, like a bunch of hot tubs stuck together almost. We managed to get one to ourselves right next to the entrance, where there was a chair on deck where Chris sat down. We sat there enjoying the hot tub, until a country song came on and we got up to square dance, with Chris laughing at us. His phone said midnight and my watch beeped, so we started high-fiving then heard the whole place chanting “TEN, NINE…” and we exchanged confused looks, then started yelling too. Midnight came and I yelled “GROUP HUG!”, so we hugged, somehow including Chris without getting him too wet. Then the music came back: “Don’t Stop Believing” by Journey. So of course we all began singing at the top of our lungs. Haden and Chris both did air guitar, while I was dancing like my usual crazy self. We got ready to get out when the song ended, figuring nothing would top that, except the next one was some country song Haden loved so we stayed. The only time in my life I have ever gotten that boy to dance with me. Then the next song was country too and we decided it was time to go back to the room.

We stayed up well into the night, finally deciding to call it quits around three am. After we finally got everyone into the proper beds and the room is quiet at last, I hear a sound that greatly resembles a howler monkey. Chris, Haden and I get up to see what it is, and we find Robby and Tyler have started a pillow fight. We broke it up, and I made them go to bed. We were asleep in no time.

The next morning the alarm went off and I woke up, desperately wishing I didn’t have to. I look over to see Haden’s bed empty and being exhausted ask, “Where’s Haden?” Chris then says, “Well, he’s either in the bathroom or the axe murderer got him.” Smart mouth.

We went back to the water park. Robby, Tyler and I all tried the surf simulator thing. I did body boarding while they surfed, my knee was already acting up and I didn’t think it could take it. And let’s face it, I just would have wiped out anyway. We made rounds on the rest of the rides again and then spent the last bit of the trip in the hot tub, until I told Chris I was okay leaving in time for frisbee. I said good-bye to Robby and Tyler and got out of the hot tub. So we booked it out of there, heading back to Knoxville through terrible traffic. Chris and Haden dropped me off out at my house and I got changed, packing up a cooler and Comet to go to frisbee.

Somehow I beat the guys to the field and met up with the other West Park players. Chris and Haden arrived and we divided teams, I was disappointed to find myself playing against the guys. The wind was RIDICULOUS. I don’t think I made a single decent play the first game, then they switched me to Haden and Chris’s team. I made enough good catches that the guys were determined to shut me down, “No more points for you!” There was one point where I was alone in the end zone and Chris sent a disc my way. I had to lunge out on it in one of my best dives, but I had it. I smiled, sitting up and getting ready to hop to my feet, when I see Chris jogging across the field, grinning ear to ear. He hauled me up and we high-fived. We managed to make another few good plays, with another awesome dive on my end. He held his hand out for the disc so he could throw off and I said, “No! I worked that hard for the disc, I get to throw it!” “Well fine then.” I don’t think we won, but there’s nothing better than playing a game where you just click with someone else on your team and they can’t figure out how to shut you down. Even when you do almost get trampled by a defender.

The games ended and I headed home, only to collapse on the couch at the end of one of the greatest weekends of my life.