MLIA: Two Years

I have been driving a flying bison for two years now. And every moment of it has been completely awesome. Two years of people telling me my car is awesome, telling me they love my car, telling me I’m awesome for driving my car, and occasionally just telling me I’m crazy. Appa is my baby, and I’m so proud to be able to say that. Two years of saying “Yip yip!” when I turn the key, two years of trying to explain it to people who just don’t get it, two years of hearing “I know where you live” more often than is comfortable and getting plenty of text messages about bison sightings. The nerd group at school just calls me Appa Girl.

When I say “My Life is Avatar”, I mean it. Not only do I own the world’s only flying bison, but two penguins sleds, a lemur and my fire ferrets should be completed this week. The web series should be out sometime this fall with any luck and I have some other things up my sleeve. But what I want to say is THANK YOU to everyone who has supported me, Appa, Team Avatar and all our other craziness. As much as I love owning this car, it wouldn’t be nearly as much fun if I didn’t know there are thousands of other Avatards out there who get it, and love Appa as much as I do.


Things I Might Have Missed

Today marks six years since the accident that flipped my world upside down, and I have to wonder who I might have been had it not happened. Back then, all I was was an athlete. Soccer was the only thing I really cared about. But then all of a sudden I couldn’t play any more and I was devastated, confused and spent a lot of time hating how unfair life was.

But I’m not a teenager anymore, and I see all the good things that came out of it. That accident changed my life permanently, and while I may not know what would have happened if I never hit that hurdle, there’s a lot of things I doubt would have happened if I hadn’t.

If I had kept doing sports after school, I would have been riding the bus less and while we already knew each other when the accident happened, Robby became my best friend and later brother because of that bus. And I don’t want to imagine what my life would be like without him.

I never would have played Ultimate Frisbee with the guys at Karns, so I never would have started the Pellissippi Ultimate Frisbee Club. Without the club, I never would have met Haden, Chris, Krissy, Spencer or so many other people. Without meeting Haden, I never would have gone to West Park and I wouldn’t know Joseph and Jacob. I wouldn’t have Krissy supporting me in all my crazy endeavors. And if I’m not a better frisbee player than I was a soccer player, I’m pretty darn close. And on the frisbee field, I get a lot more respect… most of the time.

Without the accident, I would have had the second surgery which is pretty much what led to me making friends in college. It was how I met Daniel, Nate, and Rory, and how we then started “I’d Like to Buy a Vowel Productions”. I know I wanted to enter that festival anyway, but I doubt I would have had the same team, and I doubt that team would have carried on into “A Hard Sell” and “The Fudler Institute”.

I’m sure I would have at least tried to make the Appamobile regardless, but knowing Daniel and having his help sure made the process a whole lot easier.

The only reason I got a RUSH membership in the first place was for physical therapy, and so when Robby and I wanted to join a gym, I knew that was where we should go. And if we hadn’t been working out there that summer before college, I never would have checked the group class schedule to see Zumba®/Hip Hop listed. I was trying to take the Hip Hop class and showed up on the wrong night, but that was okay, because I loved it. And I took hip hop with Jhasta and I decided I had to keep going back. Then they stopped offering hip hop and it was Zumba® every week with Jhasta, and I was hooked. Then I got mom hooked too, and we kept taking classes. Then at school last year, I walked in on a demonstration and wound up teaching. The instructor asked me if I was an instructor and she told me I should be, and then Jhasta said the same thing a few months later. And here I am, teaching five classes a week.

Honestly, the only things I really feel like I missed out on are the things I still can’t do: hiking, bowling and putt putt. I think I can live without those just fine.

Korra Air Date Speculation

So with all the new Legend of Korra information, the Avatar fan community is starting to get bouncing again and I don’t have the time for it I would like to. However there is a bunch of heavy debate and dying for word on a release date. In my opinion as someone who works in video production, a long time Avatar fan and the only flying bison owner, I have three educated guesses on when the show will start.

Option One: Late March/Early-Mid April. I feel like this is the most likely option. If they’re already airing promos on TV, it can’t be more than a few months away, but if there’s no date it is probably at least a month. However they’ve got to start early enough that they can get to a cliff hanger episode before they break for the summer. Remember how we got “The Blue Spirit” in June and then had to wait for September for the next one? And there was big break after “Bitter Work” before we jumped to “The Fury of Aang” in July and then at last “Secret of the Fire Nation” in September. That’s the same reason that once they didn’t push Season Three in the spring, we were stuck waiting for the fall… and then all the way until the next summer.

Option Two: June. If it doesn’t air in the spring, the show will run through the summer. Good because that’s less of a cliff hanger for us, bad because it’ll have a shorter run. I have this horrible feeling this will be the case because I’ll be out of the country. Or they will air a pilot movie over the summer, and the series will premier in:

Option Three: September. I can’t imagine they would be running promos and pushing the show this early if this was the case, but it would although them to push the hype through the summer at Comic Con.

So those are my best guesses on how this will play out. As it is, I can’t wait!