I Have Artwork!

I haven’t written in forever, partially due to writer’s block and partially because I didn’t have anything I wanted to write about. And even now I’m not sure what I have that I want to say. So instead I’m just going to post pictures of my room, because we’ve come so far on it and it looks AMAZING.

I really can’t do anything without my friends. Robby and Jered painted, Haden helped hang the shelves that Malcolm made, Tyler hung the artwork, and my dad did a ton in all of those fields. I’m a very lucky person.

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Adventure is Out There

So I was going to start writing about something, I don’t know what, because someone pointed out I hadn’t updated in a while. And I haven’t and I need to do that because a lot’s happened and I should be keeping up with it. But someone got me the link to the leaked episode of Korra… and now everything else has gone out the window. I desperately want to get someone to watch it so I can start discussing what it means. AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So in all seriousness, it’s been a very adventurous few weeks. I went to Disneyland last weekend, and I hopefully blog all of the trip soon but in case I don’t, in summary: Food is not very good but best character breakfast ever, the characters who can’t talk are wonderful and like to dance, some cast members were actually rude but one in particular made my trip, and people are not very friendly in California but I was adopted by two moms while I was there. And made some awesome new friends. Since I got back from California I have experienced major jet lag, taught four Zumba® classes, ditched class to play frisbee, attempted to dye my hair red, spun out on Pellissippi Parkway and had to have Appa towed out of a ditch, hung out with a very awesome person, and spent a day walking around downtown as part of the Avengers. I make a pretty darn good Black Widow. We had people asking for pictures and one kid even wanted our autographs! I also now own a 40″ HD TV.

There are some things I’m not very happy with right now, things I’m stressing over even though they’re out of my hands. I’m wondering if I made the right decision even though I can’t change it now. There’s something I need to address but I’m scared to, knowing the longer I wait the worse it’s going to hurt but I’m so afraid of going down that road again. My knee’s acting up again, my room is not even half done, and old wounds keep reopening. But I look at all the incredible things I’ve done in just a week, and how unbelievably blessed I am, and I couldn’t be happier. Whatever happens is going to happen, and it’ll all turn out for the best. Maybe one of these days I will finally stop worrying.

Hakuna Matata.

Trying to Put a Lid on Things

So I came home tonight with the intention of trying on all the dresses for the ball, and getting my room boxed up so I could start dismantling my bed tomorrow. Since I’m typing this on my computer, you can guess what happened.

I’ve got about 75% of one of my two desks (one is really just a funny shaped giant shelf to dump stuff on at this point) packed up, and my computer desk I haven’t even touched yet. My vanity and my floor are still covered in stuff as well, although all my stuffed animals are bagged up. I was trying to sort if I wanted to keep stuff or get rid of it as I went but it was taking too much time, and I didn’t have room for a donate pile. I’m hoping a friend of mine who has awesome organizational skills is still willing to help me reassemble all this non-sense when I’m ready. My plan is to then go through the boxes to discover what I want to keep. If it doesn’t mean enough to me to have a place to live, it can probably go to Good Will. Anyway you look at it, I think I’m going to be lucky to have this thing painted by the time I get home from California, let alone put back together. Which means I’m going to be sleeping on the couch for a while…

I did find some cool stuff while I was packing though. I managed to find all four of the notebooks I’ve kept or tried to keep since my junior year in high school. Not that I’m ever going to let anyone else see them, but it’s nice to look back. And I have some really REALLY random quotes in there, I can’t even figure out where they came from.

“We live in Middle Tennessee because we live between East and West Towne Mall.”

“Except for the occasional parade, gays rarely interact with lesbians in the wild.”
“Middle age is when you buy cereal for the fiber instead of the toy.”

An Attempt at a Floor Plan

So we have learned one thing this week. I cannot draw things to scale to save my life. I like drawing maps and floor plans, but my proportions are always off. Horribly off. But last night after I told Jacob about the problem I was having, he gave me a great way to fix it with an online planner thing.

So I have now got everything placed where I believe I want it. Except I didn’t actually measure anything so this might still be off. It’s still way closer. Bed dividing the room, TV still in the closet. Desk next to the window, vanity by the door. Director’s chair in the corner.

But my sketch had way more floor space…

Things Are Looking Clean!(er)

This has been a very good weekend with the exception of just how much my knee currently hurts. I got taken into the ground at ultimate today and I didn’t take the hit quite as well as I would have liked. The price of being out of action for a month. Oh, and I had Robby tell me if I couldn’t figure out a particular thing, I was denser than he was. Love you too, big brother.

Besides winning the 54 Film Fest (AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!), I made a lot of progress on my room in trying to get it ready. Well, sort of. There’s more stuff on the floor now than usual, and usually there’s a lot. But once I get some boxes to pack it all up, it should be good. Right now I’ve got piles of things to give away and bags of stuffed animals to go in the attic until the painting’s done. If I can get the bed I want, this room is going to be AMAZING. If not, well I can settle for my second choice. I just need to find a chest of drawers then… or something of that nature. As of right now: there are no more posters up, 99% of my Breyer collection has been moved downstairs (I forgot one), and there is a box of comic books in the hallway I can’t seem to lift. I took the shelves down and as soon as I find a power screw driver, the screws that hold all the hooks and such will be gone too. I found a cheaper trash can that still matched perfectly at Walmart Friday night, and I’ve got a few other odds and ends I’ve picked up that should look fantastic. Now the only problem is I have a lot of stuff piled on my bed and I can’t decide if it’s worth sleeping there or not.

Updated pictures:

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And The Winner Is…

This weekend has been just about the opposite of last weekend, and it’s been fantastic.

Last night I finally (okay, it’s only been out a week) got to see The Secret World of Arrietty, which is a good movie but more on that later. (Unless that whole attention span of a hamster thing kicks in… What was I writing about?) Then I went to IHOP for dinner with an awesome friend and was thoroughly amused by the high schoolers at the table behind us, and had several “Dear Girls Above Me” moments. My personal favorite: “Don’t go to prom, don’t have sex, you will get pregnant and die! Didn’t you read Twilight?” Cue Chelsea laughing so hard she missed the next part of the conversation and had to text that quote across the table. 11:11 and I wished that Saturday would go well.

I slept great for a change, then mom came to get me so we could go furniture shopping. We went a bunch of different places, looking at beds I’d already seen and looking for new ones. I finally found the PERFECT bed out by Turkey Creek. It’s a captain’s bed/book-case bed in black with lots of shelves and two drawers. It will be absolutely perfect if I can put the drawers on the other side. The only problem is the price. It’s a little, probably a lot, more than my grandmother is wanting to spend, so I’m hoping we can talk them down. If not, there’s a panel bed in a clearance center I could live with that’s only $199. I still have to get a mattress and everything so we’ll see. But I really want the captain’s bed…

We went home to get changed for the awards ceremony for the 54 Hour Film Fest, that I was really excited and nervous about. I had really high hopes for our team but I wasn’t sure. Mom and I got to Carmike barely before it was supposed to start, and Krissy and Adam were in the lobby waiting for us. The four of us headed on in and got seats down front since me and my four and a half-inch heels were trying to avoid the stairs. Krissy and I were swapping dog stories when a man sitting behind me asked if we were entered in the film festival. I said we were from a team and talked to him for a bit. He asked about my team and I explained I was a director, not an actress. Oddly enough I will pose all day long for a still camera, if it’s a video I run the other direction. And he told me I was gorgeous, which made me super happy even though it was random. Then James, guy running the festival, got up to start the awards, and the man I had been talking to got up to announce the first awards. Needless to say, I was shocked and beaming. They did Best Supporting Actress, Best Supporting Actor and Best Actress. Then he said, “And the award for the Best Actor goes to, and I love this name… I’d Like to Buy a Vowel Productions!” My jaw dropped open and I looked at the guys before I stood up, and then had to stand awkwardly while he finished his speech. Whoops.

I went to the microphone and started off explaining our name, which I still thank my mom for. I’m oddly good at public speaking but I talk too fast, especially when I get nervous. I sat down beaming and made sure Adam had got on Facebook to let Warren know he’d won. They started handing out more awards and it was nothing I thought we deserved, though I’d have loved to win. Then James got up again to hand out the elements awards. The line of dialog came first and as soon as he said, “And this was the best because you can’t understand it, but they subbed it so I knew that was it,” told me it was us. I got up beaming and explained we really were shoving food down poor Cole’s face. They proceeded to give out the rest awards and then James got up again. “Now for what you all came for, Best Film” or something to that extent. He explained the whole process for the voting, and that the winning team only won by one point so he had to give a runner’s up as well. The runner-up was the awesome 80s Chick Flick that I loved, and then they said they were just going to screen the winner. He said he’d have to call up there to get it rolling so the theater manager went to start it. James went through all his announcements and started listing announcements to fill the dead air, until he ran out. Then he started talking about swing dancing, which made me laugh. And then someone called for a demonstration, he said “Well, if there’s a girl…” I was about to volunteer when the lights cut out. “And here’s the winning film!”

And to my shock and joy, the slate for I’d Like to Buy a Vowel Productions: The Fudler Institute came up. I cheered and grabbed Krissy in a big hug, us both squealing excitedly. I think Adam was in shock and mom insists she was very pleased. (Pretty sure I heard her cheering too!) We got up to accept our plaque and I couldn’t believe it, gushing all over the microphone.

After the presentation was over, I started texting it out and hitting up Facebook to some very priceless reactions. Daniel and Tyler are tied for my favorites.

I still can’t believe it, and I couldn’t be happier. I am so proud of my team, and so grateful to everyone who helped us on this project. Thank you: Adam and Daniel for sticking with me on all these crazy projects I get myself into, Cole for making me feel better when I was beating myself up for being sick, Warren for a fabulous acting job, Emory for his toleration of us squirting him with a water bottle, Jaclyn and Red Paint for acting in my stuff for the last two years, Nathan for answering a completely random text and helping out even though he had no idea what he was getting into, Krissy for always having my back and helping with everything I do, Zach for trying to prevent me from running into a wall, my mom for putting up with our craziness, and Robin for helping us get the house. Last week I said I felt like karma handed me the ultimate win, and now it really did.

The extended cut of our movie, with the interviews we had to cut for time in the festival submission. http://youtu.be/zrzr6UU78Gw

Tonight at 11:11, I didn’t know what to wish for.

Slight Change of Plans to the Room

Okay, I really do have the attention span of a hamster but I just had the BEST idea for my room if I can find it: a bed with a Mickey shaped headboard!!! I don’t know if I can find it, a quick Google search didn’t come up with anything but I’m sure I can make something work. And if not I’ll go back to my old idea of just a black bed, but how awesome would this be?

The other ideas I’ve had for my room since my last blog.

I really kind of want a book-case bed but I can’t find one in black. I just like the idea of being able to put my Disney stuff right there. They’re also kind of pricey. But my grandmother is now helping me get my bed due to Comet bills… I just desperately hope that includes a mattress somehow. Because there’s already a bet going on how long it would take me to fall off if I put a twin mattress on a full bed.

I currently have a street sign in my room that says “APPA AVENUE” and I’m not getting rid of it, but I want one that says “MAIN STREET, USA” if at all possible. For those of you who don’t know, that’s the entrance to Disney World and Disneyland.

I’m still going to redo my room, I’m just not going to be able to do quite as much as I wanted to it. My main goal right now is getting it painted and the new bed in. New comforter and sheets will come next then I guess the wall decor. Or probably a chest of drawers, I really do need one of those otherwise I won’t have anywhere to put my clothes…

The last new idea I had this week was when I ran into AC Moore to look at frames. They have all these wooden cut out letters in different sizes, and they have a bunch of sayings. I didn’t like any of the sayings, (Family, Believe, Faith, etc.) just because they weren’t me. However, I did look at the prices for the letters that were black and now I think I”m going to mount “It all started with a mouse.” over my bed. Or something else equally inspiring and awesome.

Room Plans: Updated

Every night this week when I’ve gone to bed, I haven’t been able to fall asleep because I start looking around and thinking about what all I want to do. I’m getting more and more excited about this. My budget is getting progressively smaller due to other things coming up so I’m getting more creative on how I’m going to do it. (I’m also going to be selling some stuff and taking on more freelance work, if you need video, let me know!)

Wednesday night I started ripping posters down. I have blank walls now for the first time since I was twelve. It’s very strange.

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Last night I realized I have something awesome I have been neglecting for years. My closet doors are actually a giant chalk board. So I can (or as mom put it, someone with better handwriting can) cover them with Disney quotes, and possibly a drawing of Mickey and Figment. For those of you who don’t know, Figment is a figment of your imagination, a tiny little purple dragon that is awesome. He won’t match the room but he is one of my favorite things from Walt Disney World. With any luck one of my artsy friends will be willing to help me with this.

My ceiling fan is currently pink, it’s going to be Mickey shorts red, and so is my door I’ve decided. It’d blend too much if it was the same color as the walls. The ceiling is going to be repainted yellow. The inside of my closet is staying white, I think that’s just too much trouble. The ideal goal here is that most everything in the room will be black, white, red or yellow. Except the carpet.

I ended up getting this awesome black metal and glass vanity off of Craigslist. I’m not entirely sure where I’m going to put it but I will at last not have to do my make-up off of my TV. Yes, that’s where I’ve been doing it for the last several years. It’s missing a shelf but dad’s going to help me make a new one, he just doesn’t know it yet.

This next section I’m going to write about things I want to get eventually for my room. If you have anything like this, or see it on sale, let me know!

  • Target.com has a Mickey Mouse trash can that matches my comforter I’m getting perfectly. But $20 is a little steep for a trash can so I might just end up with a red or black one.
  • Target also has a mirror shaped like Mickey’s head. My new vanity has a big mirror so I may not need this after all, but how cool is it?
  • Kmart has a jumbo Mickey alarm clock that is SO cute. The Disney Store website has another one that’s really cute that has Mickey feet. Neither of these are really a necessity, but they’d be cool to have.
  • I need to get a plain white light switch plate so it can be painted… or I might just get this one. http://etsy.me/w3CP80
  • I need either a valance or curtains of some sort, but curtains aren’t really me. I’m thinking a red valance.
  • I’m going to need a new bulletin board seeing as mine is built into my desk. Black or white border.
  • Still looking into figuring out Mickey mouse shaped drawer pulls, ceiling fan pulls, and wall hooks.
  • Stuffed animal hammock. All my Disney plushies have to live somewhere!
  • Black picture frames. I’m going to need a lot of them. I have the sizes written down for the various things. I probably won’t end up framing everything, there’s not enough wall space. I’m trying to have it NOT look cluttered for a change.

So this is the general idea of what I’m working on now. At least it’s written down for me to refer back to. I checked out a couple of furniture stores this week and I found a panel bed that’s a decent price I’m considering, I just have to buy it by Sunday before it goes off sale if I want it.

Remodeling My Room: The Plan

My bed room has really not changed since I was eight years old when I moved in and got my bunk bed. I started adding posters when I was twelve, I took out the bottom bunk when I was fourteen and when I was eighteen I traded my two book cases for a second desk. Other that that, it’s pretty much the same. I’ve actually started hanging posters over posters just because it’s easier.

However, that all is about to change. And I’m going to -attempt- to blog the process.

For whatever reason, last week at work I was thinking about my room and how (not that I ever have people over anyway) I would be embarrassed for some of my friends to see my room. And I started thinking about how I could change it for the better and went to talk to Robby about it. He thought it was a good idea and I took it to my mom, who surprised me by saying okay. Then I got really sick and had nothing else to do for a week but look up ideas. I have been struggling for some time now to balance the mature, semi-responsible adult I’m trying to be with the ten year old I am at heart. (My boss describes me as twenty going on ten.) And I think I have found the way to do that. Me being me, since I won’t change this again for a very long time and likely won’t move out anytime soon, I’m going to build my dream room as cheaply as I can.

Right now my rooms looks like this. A sea of posters and general chaos. Breyer horses, stuffed animals and Legos.

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I am and always will be Mickey Mouse’s biggest fan, let’s face it. So even though it’s going to be a “big girl room”, again quoting my boss, Mickey is still going to be the focus I do believe. My plans still could change but I am in love with this idea. This room is going to be a blend of the two things I love most: making movies and Disney magic, with a bit of Locksley and Avatar thrown in. It’s going to be incredible!

Step One: The walls. All the old posters are coming down. I’ve got two I’m going to put into storage (unless someone wants to buy them) and the rest will end up in the trash. The walls are originally white with color splashes all over them. We’re going to repaint them over spring break. I originally wanted purple until I decided it didn’t match, now I’m leaning more towards a bright yellow. Coincidentally the color of Mickey’s shoes. My carpet is a deep blue and it’s staying, and I haven’t decided if making the ceiling not be sky blue anymore is worth the effort. All the Disney art I’ve collected over the years is going to be put in black frames and hung on the walls, alongside my signed Locksley set. I have one small Appa poster that will be joining them as well. I have lithographs from Tangled, Lion King, and Lady and the Tramp, plus a Lion King poster, a Bambi poster, four art lithographs, a Bambi poster, and three paintings. Four if I can talk mom into letting me hang one of hers in here too. My door is sadly UT orange… not sure what I was thinking there. But it’s going to be the same color as the walls now. My closet doors are chalkboards, and they are awesome.

Step Two: The bed. I love my loft bed, always have, always will. I’ve spent enough time not able to sleep in it because of my knee to know I prefer sleeping high off the ground, but it’s time for a new one. I’ve got my eye on a black double sleigh bed. I know I want black, and I know I want a double so I don’t have to get a new one again in a few years. Preferably with a memory foam mattress or pad, for which I blame Tyler for. I found an awesome reversible Mickey comforter set that is black, white and red. Which will match my Mickey decorative pillow set I have perfectly. And for the first time since I was very little, my sheets and comforter will match. A couple of my massive stuffed animal collection will get to stay on the bed, but the majority are going to move into a hammock that will hang in one of the corners. They’re all mostly Disney characters anyway.

Step Three: The accents. I have been scouring the Internet all day for Mickey Mouse room decor. My budget will limit what all I can actually get, but I’ve got a lot of ideas. There’s a Mickey trash can that matches, a Mickey shaped wall mirror, and I found a beautiful Mickey alarm clock. I plan on finding a way to make Mickey shaped drawer pulls and ceiling fan pulls. I also had the idea I could take the outlet and light switch plate covers and paint them. (Or get someone who can actually paint to do it for me.) I’m going to move my director’s chair into my room at last. I’ve also got several clap board picture frames and a film reel wall art thing that my boss got me that I’ll finally get to display, with my “Best Director” Mickey statue.

Step Four: Furniture. I’ve never had a lot of furniture in here, I don’t have a lot of room. And I’m going to have even less with a bigger bed but I’m going to hopefully find a way to rearrange it to make it work. I would like to get a nightstand at the very least because I’m going to need something to replace the drawers that were built into my bed. I’d love to have a vanity instead of using the top of my TV. I’m going to keep my writing desk and move my computer to it, but anything new I add will -hopefully- be black to match the bed. My desk is a medium brown, and I haven’t decided if painting it is possible or not. I don’t think there’s room in my budget or my floor for a chest of drawers.

I plan on selling my bed if anyone is interested. I’ve also got two awesome X-Men posters I wouldn’t mind parting with. Make me an offer!