Progress Has Been Made!

I have a bed, I have a bed, I HAVE A BED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Can you tell I spent three nights sleeping on the couch? In the midst of the cleaning frenzy of the century, my dad finally had time to paint my room. Robby came over to help and the three of us continued the sanding process until Dad thought it was ready to paint. We started the first coat and realized you could still see the color splashes on the wall. I left for work, and apparently somehow a German Shepard-Wolf Hybrid managed to attack Comet, and Clyde raced in to defend him. Then my dad put the second coat of paint up, and it still didn’t help. My mom then investigated into the problem after Dad’s claims it could take another two coats of paint. It turns out the spray paint we used for the color splashes is oil based, and since the wall paint is water based, all the coats in the world would not do us any good. So mom bought primer and on Friday, Jered and my dad painted over the previous two coats and started from scratch. I came home Friday night (after chasing the problem child dog around Middlebrook Pike…) to find the color splashes gone and the walls drying. Dad said it needed another coat on Saturday and he handled that while I took Clyde to the vet for his ear bite from said German Shepard-Wolf Hybrid. I am not very happy with its owner at the moment. Then I took my grandmother out to lunch and we went to pick up my new mattress, that she was wonderful enough to get me. We had to lash it to the top of Clifford, mom’s mini van, and drive him home in the rain. Lots of fun. Then I got to haul the pieces to my new bed around the house to get them upstairs, except I managed to bang the headboard when a door closed on me and the main piece was too heavy for dad and I to lift. So off to Pellicon to present.

After I got back, mom and I managed to carry the piece out of the basement so that my friend and I could carry it upstairs. We got it to my room and went to assemble the silly thing, only to realize that there are pieces missing. Mom went hunting for them, seeing as they are essential in that they hold up the headboard, with no luck. So we gave up on the bed because we weren’t sure it would be stable on its own. And I spent another night on the couch before presenting at Pellicon a second time. I arrived home to find the bed assembled without the headboard, turns out it was completely safe. Whoops.

I put the new sheets and comforter on the bed, and dad rehooked my computer up while I took Comet to frisbee. Then I came home and pretty much just flopped down, and did not want to move for the rest of the night. Which is sad because I still have lots of unpacking to do, mostly because I haven’t started yet. But I have a new bed, and a 40 inch HD television and life is glorious. But my room is far from complete:

  • My wonderful 40″ TV doesn’t work yet because I haven’t figured out how to reprogram the U-verse remote. It also needs a mounting bracket so it can get out of my closet and go live on the wall over my computer where it’s supposed to be.
  • I still have lots of picture frames to buy. I have Disney artwork, posters and such that need to be put on display properly at last. I have a whole list of the correct sizes, I just need to wait until I have a good coupon and room in my budget. Hopefully this will be very soon.
  • My new vanity is still downstairs, it needs to be brought up and put where it goes so I have a place to do my make-up. Once I figure out which box that’s hiding in.
  • My stuffed animals are all still in the attic. I need to figure out who gets to come down and get a hammock for them.
  • I need to repaint my shelves black and figure out exactly where they are going to go, so I have places to put my Disney collectibles.
  • I need a red valance for the window.
  • New outlet covers since they are now covered in paint, and a light switch cover because the old one’s not big enough since we didn’t paint up close enough.
  • I still need a nightstand, or something of that nature. I have only two drawers on my wonderful bookcase bed.

I’m sure I’m forgetting something, but it’s a process. And these are what I need to take care of next. Now I’m gonna go sleep in my amazing new bed.


Conquering Caffeine

I have decided it is time to kick the caffeine addiction once and for all. This does not, however, mean I am giving up soda. This morning I got my usual Pepsi and realized I didn’t actually feel like drinking it, but knew I was going to end up with a killer headache otherwise. I have debated giving up soda in the past but decided against it because it’s something simple that makes me happy, and depriving myself of it doesn’t make sense. But after this morning I have decided: I want to drink Pepsi when I want it, not because my body needs it. So I will be giving it up for the next several weeks, or however long it takes me to get it out of my system. But after that, if I want to have one at the movies or out to dinner, it’s fine. As long as it’s occasional and stops being an everyday thing.

Just forgive me if I get cranky while I’m going through withdrawals…

Adventure is Out There

So I was going to start writing about something, I don’t know what, because someone pointed out I hadn’t updated in a while. And I haven’t and I need to do that because a lot’s happened and I should be keeping up with it. But someone got me the link to the leaked episode of Korra… and now everything else has gone out the window. I desperately want to get someone to watch it so I can start discussing what it means. AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So in all seriousness, it’s been a very adventurous few weeks. I went to Disneyland last weekend, and I hopefully blog all of the trip soon but in case I don’t, in summary: Food is not very good but best character breakfast ever, the characters who can’t talk are wonderful and like to dance, some cast members were actually rude but one in particular made my trip, and people are not very friendly in California but I was adopted by two moms while I was there. And made some awesome new friends. Since I got back from California I have experienced major jet lag, taught four Zumba® classes, ditched class to play frisbee, attempted to dye my hair red, spun out on Pellissippi Parkway and had to have Appa towed out of a ditch, hung out with a very awesome person, and spent a day walking around downtown as part of the Avengers. I make a pretty darn good Black Widow. We had people asking for pictures and one kid even wanted our autographs! I also now own a 40″ HD TV.

There are some things I’m not very happy with right now, things I’m stressing over even though they’re out of my hands. I’m wondering if I made the right decision even though I can’t change it now. There’s something I need to address but I’m scared to, knowing the longer I wait the worse it’s going to hurt but I’m so afraid of going down that road again. My knee’s acting up again, my room is not even half done, and old wounds keep reopening. But I look at all the incredible things I’ve done in just a week, and how unbelievably blessed I am, and I couldn’t be happier. Whatever happens is going to happen, and it’ll all turn out for the best. Maybe one of these days I will finally stop worrying.

Hakuna Matata.

Something Else I Want To Do At Disneyland

I can’t believe I forgot to put this on my to-do list! PIN TRADING! I finally got smart enough to buy a bunch on Ebay at a good price for when Robby went to Disney World over the summer. So now I’ll have a bunch to trade instead of doing one at a time like before!

What is pin trading you ask? Well, Disney makes these collectible pins, the kind you can wear on your shirt or put on a backpack. They come in all shapes, sizes, styles and characters. And you can buy them, but better yet, you can trade them! With other guests at the park and cast members (that’s the term for people who work at Disney Parks). There are some you can only get by trading with cast members, and those have little silver hidden Mickeys on them. I have several of these. But I have one thing in particular I’m after. When I was in the gift shop at EPCOT on my last trip, I traded with the lady working the register. All I saw was Simba, I didn’t care about anything else. Only after mom looked at it did we realize the pin was weirdly shaped, and had looks on either side. It took me longer than it probably should have to realize it was a train car, and that were other cars that went with it to form a set. Now I’ve found the pieces of the set online to know what I’m looking for, and I could just get them on Ebay, but where’s the fun in that? No, even if it takes me years and years and many trips to Disney parks, I’m going to trade until I get the entire set.

I also plan on buying some of the new pins while I’m there, I still need a Bolt… but mostly I’m gonna trade like crazy! Because this time I don’t have to only trade for something I really REALLY want. I can trade for anything and not worry about getting stuck with one I don’t like because I’ll have more to trade, and I can save them to trade next time. I just need to figure out if you can take them in the carry ons in a plane…

Trying to Put a Lid on Things

So I came home tonight with the intention of trying on all the dresses for the ball, and getting my room boxed up so I could start dismantling my bed tomorrow. Since I’m typing this on my computer, you can guess what happened.

I’ve got about 75% of one of my two desks (one is really just a funny shaped giant shelf to dump stuff on at this point) packed up, and my computer desk I haven’t even touched yet. My vanity and my floor are still covered in stuff as well, although all my stuffed animals are bagged up. I was trying to sort if I wanted to keep stuff or get rid of it as I went but it was taking too much time, and I didn’t have room for a donate pile. I’m hoping a friend of mine who has awesome organizational skills is still willing to help me reassemble all this non-sense when I’m ready. My plan is to then go through the boxes to discover what I want to keep. If it doesn’t mean enough to me to have a place to live, it can probably go to Good Will. Anyway you look at it, I think I’m going to be lucky to have this thing painted by the time I get home from California, let alone put back together. Which means I’m going to be sleeping on the couch for a while…

I did find some cool stuff while I was packing though. I managed to find all four of the notebooks I’ve kept or tried to keep since my junior year in high school. Not that I’m ever going to let anyone else see them, but it’s nice to look back. And I have some really REALLY random quotes in there, I can’t even figure out where they came from.

“We live in Middle Tennessee because we live between East and West Towne Mall.”

“Except for the occasional parade, gays rarely interact with lesbians in the wild.”
“Middle age is when you buy cereal for the fiber instead of the toy.”

Disneyland To-Do List

A week from tomorrow, I will be boarding a plane to California for the first time in my life to go to the place where the magic began. Disneyland. Which is admittedly smaller than Disney World and less popular, but I couldn’t care less. As much as I love Disney World, this is the park that Walt built. True, he laid out the plans for Disney World and put so much thought and planning into making the greatest theme park in the world, but he sadly passed before he could see it’s opening. However, Disneyland was the dream he saw realized. This was the first home of Mickey Mouse, and the first princess castle, and so much more. Disney’s folly, they called it. You’d think they’d learn to realize this man had great ideas. The thing about me, I love every aspect of Disney that doesn’t involve the word channel. Disney History is fascinating.

I last saw Mickey in 2010, on the day after my 19th birthday. I have been dreaming about going back to Disney World since then, but I’ve never given Disneyland as much thought as I should planning wise. I am forming a to-do list of things I can either only do at Disneyland (as in not an option as other parks), either weren’t an option when I was there before, or something I’ve just recently started dreaming about. Some are rides, some are characters I want to meet, and some are just magic.

  1. See World of Color at Disney’s California Adventure. I have wanted to see World of Color since the day I heard about it and this is my main goal that first night. That reminds me, I need to order my lunch to get the good seating…
  2.  Get a Mickey Mouse shaped soft pretzel. They didn’t have these before, they’re new and they’re adorable. And I must try one.
  3. Hug Mickey Mouse. Multiple times. This needs no explanation.
  4. Meet Duffy the Disney Bear. Duffy is Mickey’s teddy bear, and he was released about a month after my last trip. I also want a picture of him by himself along with one with me because today in class for our nature assignment we were told we were not allowed to photograph bears. Our teacher seems to think we’ll get eaten.
  5. Celebrate Mardi Gras. I know it was like two weeks ago, but the party is still going in New Orleans Square. Mickey, Minnie, Tiana and Naveen, and many other characters will be out decked in their finest.
  6. Meet Flynn Rider. Forget Rapunzel, I just wanna meet her prince! Again, released after my trip.
  7. Meet Dug. “I just met you and I love you.” To my knowledge, you can only find this friendly dog – “SQUIRREL!” at Disney’s California Adventure.
  8. Plaza Inn Breakfast with Minnie and Friends. I have a reservation for Saturday BEFORE park opening so I will get to walk up Main Street USA without a crowd of people. And then I get to have breakfast without Mickey, but with Minnie, Pooh, Tigger, Eyeore and more!
  9. Dance with a Disney character. I’d rather it be someone awesome like Mickey or Naveen, but I really just want to dance with a Disney character. I partially blame the person who has now gotten me accustomed to partner dancing for this one, BUT! There is a story that goes with it. When I went to EPCOT when I was fourteen, I was fresh off finding out about my knee surgery and I was trying to act too cool for Disney half the time. However, mom had a special thing that let us get a big group picture with Mickey, Donald and Pluto, and while mom was talking to the photographer, Mickey grabbed me and began to dance. And it was wonderful, and even though magic can’t happen twice, I wanna give it my best shot.
  10. Find Club 33 in New Orleans Square. I can’t get in but I wanna find it anyway.
  11. Ariel’s Undersea Adventure opened not too long ago at California Adventure, and they’re opening a counterpart in the Fantasyland expansion at Disney World.
  12. Fantasmic. This is my favorite show at Disney World, and they have it at Disneyland too. It’s basically Mickey defeating every Disney villan ever.
  13. Storybook Canal Boats. You take a boat ride through a bunch of famous Disney scenes.
  14. Mickey’s Toontown. They tore it down at Disney World, which makes me sad. But there is still one at Disneyland!
  15. Off the Page. The store for Disney collectibles and artwork. I probably can’t afford anything, I just wanna look.
  16. Ride the Monorail to Downtown Disney and back.

I’m sure I’ll add more!

An Attempt at a Floor Plan

So we have learned one thing this week. I cannot draw things to scale to save my life. I like drawing maps and floor plans, but my proportions are always off. Horribly off. But last night after I told Jacob about the problem I was having, he gave me a great way to fix it with an online planner thing.

So I have now got everything placed where I believe I want it. Except I didn’t actually measure anything so this might still be off. It’s still way closer. Bed dividing the room, TV still in the closet. Desk next to the window, vanity by the door. Director’s chair in the corner.

But my sketch had way more floor space…

Dog People and Cat People

I have a very interesting way of looking at people. Or at least I think it is. In my world, there are two kinds of people: Dog People and Cat People. One of the first questions I ask someone I’m trying to get to know is if they’re a dog person or a cat person. And I’ve had several arguments with people about which category they fall under. It has nothing to do with which one you’d rather have for a pet, but your personality.

But today while I was bored in class I started thinking, I can tell you if a person would be a dog or a cat but I’ve never thought about what kind of dog or cat. And there are some major differences. So I started thinking about what my friends would be and made a list, but I took out all their names. If you wanna guess, you can message me. I’m hidden somewhere in there too but if you know me well, you’ll already know what I consider to be my canine counterpart.

  • ______ would be a very energetic, always sticking their nose into everything mixed breed. One of those that you just have to call by name or something random because there is no way to tell exactly what kind of dog it is. That likes having their belly rubbed.
  • _____ is a cat person, through and through. I feel like they would be a big gray short haired tom cat. I don’t know why I think that but it seems to suit them. They come and go as they please, and pretty much just do what they want.
  • _______ is an adult golden retriever. I say that partially because they have said this to me and I agree with them, even though I feel like they stole my thing. Very high energy until they wears himself out, wants to be outside all day and likes to chase things. Extremely over protective.
  • _______ is a big fluffy golden Persian Cat. Very fluffy, well groomed, and runs over the tops of everything. Their claws are retractable but they know how to use them when they need to.
  • ______ is a gray tabby cat that likes to mother the other younger kitties. They likes to play on occasion, but normally reserved, watching with their tail swishing back and forth.
  • ______ is a golden retriever puppy. Hyperactive and into everything all at once, wants to play all day until they wears out. Then they flop over in the corner and don’t move until they find their energy again.
  • _______ is a skinny orange tabby. Prone to racing around the house, climbing random things and knocking stuff over with their tail. They tend to leave things scattered all over the place.
  • ______ is a blue heeler. Hyper, bouncy, excitable, protective and quick to jump into things. Chews a lot of stuff up. Athletic, loves to run and jump. Likes to chase things.
  • _______ is a Pomeranian. Small in stature but very big in personality. The center of attention and absolutely fabulous.
  • _____’s dog is the perfect match for them. A happy German Shepard despite all the roadblocks life throws up. Their attitude can’t be beat.
  • _______ is hard for me to define. Very hard. I feel like they are a medium size dog, very athletic, kind, loyal and loving. But they can be aloof and has very high standards.

Korra Air Date Speculation

So with all the new Legend of Korra information, the Avatar fan community is starting to get bouncing again and I don’t have the time for it I would like to. However there is a bunch of heavy debate and dying for word on a release date. In my opinion as someone who works in video production, a long time Avatar fan and the only flying bison owner, I have three educated guesses on when the show will start.

Option One: Late March/Early-Mid April. I feel like this is the most likely option. If they’re already airing promos on TV, it can’t be more than a few months away, but if there’s no date it is probably at least a month. However they’ve got to start early enough that they can get to a cliff hanger episode before they break for the summer. Remember how we got “The Blue Spirit” in June and then had to wait for September for the next one? And there was big break after “Bitter Work” before we jumped to “The Fury of Aang” in July and then at last “Secret of the Fire Nation” in September. That’s the same reason that once they didn’t push Season Three in the spring, we were stuck waiting for the fall… and then all the way until the next summer.

Option Two: June. If it doesn’t air in the spring, the show will run through the summer. Good because that’s less of a cliff hanger for us, bad because it’ll have a shorter run. I have this horrible feeling this will be the case because I’ll be out of the country. Or they will air a pilot movie over the summer, and the series will premier in:

Option Three: September. I can’t imagine they would be running promos and pushing the show this early if this was the case, but it would although them to push the hype through the summer at Comic Con.

So those are my best guesses on how this will play out. As it is, I can’t wait!

Things Are Looking Clean!(er)

This has been a very good weekend with the exception of just how much my knee currently hurts. I got taken into the ground at ultimate today and I didn’t take the hit quite as well as I would have liked. The price of being out of action for a month. Oh, and I had Robby tell me if I couldn’t figure out a particular thing, I was denser than he was. Love you too, big brother.

Besides winning the 54 Film Fest (AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!), I made a lot of progress on my room in trying to get it ready. Well, sort of. There’s more stuff on the floor now than usual, and usually there’s a lot. But once I get some boxes to pack it all up, it should be good. Right now I’ve got piles of things to give away and bags of stuffed animals to go in the attic until the painting’s done. If I can get the bed I want, this room is going to be AMAZING. If not, well I can settle for my second choice. I just need to find a chest of drawers then… or something of that nature. As of right now: there are no more posters up, 99% of my Breyer collection has been moved downstairs (I forgot one), and there is a box of comic books in the hallway I can’t seem to lift. I took the shelves down and as soon as I find a power screw driver, the screws that hold all the hooks and such will be gone too. I found a cheaper trash can that still matched perfectly at Walmart Friday night, and I’ve got a few other odds and ends I’ve picked up that should look fantastic. Now the only problem is I have a lot of stuff piled on my bed and I can’t decide if it’s worth sleeping there or not.

Updated pictures:

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